Welcome to Zoller, Swanson & Company

With the concern of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, as a firm, we want to do everything we can to protect the safety of our clients and staff and to comply with our governor’s recent initiative to attempt to reduce contact between people as much as possible until this is over.

Effective immediately, we are discouraging clients coming to our office. If you are at all able to use our secure portal system, we highly recommend it. Documents can be submitted to us via that system, and we can deliver the tax returns to you through that system. We are still accepting paper documents, which can be mailed or dropped off through our mail slot.

We will be moving to meetings via phone or video conferencing services.

Please keep in mind, we are still working on returns, and will be as responsive as we can be by both email and phone. We appreciate your flexibility and openness as we do what we can to keep our clients, our staff, and our community as healthy as possible while still addressing your tax compliance needs.


If you’re looking for a firm large enough to offer a World of tax, accounting, payroll, and business services, but small enough to know you on a personal basis, look no further.

At Zoller, Swanson & Company, we’ve achieved this balance. We’re large enough to have a carefully chosen staff of experts who can handle, not only the everyday needs of our clients, but specializations in Personal Income Tax Consulting and Preparation, Business Consulting and Compliance Preparation, Retirement Income Planning, Financial Planning and Charitable Planning.  We will help you make your personal and business decisions tax efficiently.  Yet, we’re small enough that you’ll feel at home each time you call or visit us.

With Zoller, Swanson & Company, you’re always welcome, always part of the family.

For expert, affordable, services from accountants that care about you, choose Zoller, Swanson & Company.

Member : National Association of Tax Professionals, American Institute of CPAs, Illinois CPA Society.